Malik Shehzad Services engaged in the business of transportation are committed for enhancing customer satisfaction and continual improvement in our QHSE management systems and performance. Company management are also committed to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and providing resources to manage responsibly health, safety & environment (HSE) matters associated with its operations.

To achieve this, we commit ourselves to :

  • No work related injuries.
  • No degradation to the environment, and always try to eliminate, minimize or control the
    environmental aspect as well as occupational health & safety hazards.
  • Meet or exceed applicable and relevant (HSE) laws and regulations and customer requirements.
  • Incorporate suitable techniques for quality improvement, prevention of injury, ill health and pollution
  • Continuous improvement of our (HSE) programs and performance.
  • Provide high degree of safety promotion and encourage safe behavior among all.
  • Proactively monitor the incidents, unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, hygiene as well as promptly report
    and act on such conditions.
  • Comply with procedures with all discipline and hold everyone accountable for their responsibility.
  • Strengthen awareness, skills and competence of employees and also foster dialogue with customers.

To reach our goals we will :

  • Develop (HSE) policies, programs and procedures that stress prevention of incidents.
  • Require supervisors to actively implement & monitor (HSE) policies and procedures
  • Provide safety orientation to all new employees & also provide training to employees including job
    specific training and monthly safety meetings
  • Provide employees the required personal protective equipment (PPE) and require all employees
    to wear the required (PPE) at all times.
  • Require all employees to comply with applicable and relevant (HSE) policies and procedures all the
  • Provide a workplace environment where Safety comes first.
  • All employees are involved and responsible for safety
  • Work can be stopped by any employee, if unsafe conditions exist or identified.
  • Minimize waste generated, recycle and reuse waste in accordance with applicable laws & regulations.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of our (HSE) programs to evaluate its effectiveness and identify
    continuous improvement opportunities.
  • Investigate all incidents to determine root causes so that preventive and corrective actions can be